Larry Kahaner

Larry Kahaner

This is my bio. If you’re in a hurry, read about me on Wikipedia.

If you’ve got time, read on.

I am what some people might call a successful author. I’ve had published more than 15 non-fiction books under my name, pseudonyms and as a ghost writer. My books have been translated into 10 languages.

See more of my books here. 

I’m also a writer and journalist, and I’ve won awards for my journalism.

Several of my books also have won awards and made me semi-famous. I’ve been on NPR, C-SPAN, CNN, USA Today, CBS, Evening News, Fox TV News, Bloomberg Business News, Voice of America, and my articles have been published by the Washington Post, LA Times and others.

I don’t like to brag (well, a little maybe) but  beat I out all my cousins for the domain name and I’m pretty proud of that.

For many years, I also was a licensed Private Investigator which is very much like being a reporter except you get to show people your cool ID issued by the state government.

After making my living as a non-fiction writer and author for many decades, I’ve turned to fiction, taking what I’ve learned about writing real stories to writing fake stories. (No snickers, please) I write a blog (you’re already here) and it’s designed to help non-fiction writers (like me) to become novelists. It’s a different ball game for sure but many of the same habits, thought processes and lessons are transferable.

My first thriller “USA, Inc.” has just been published by Bay City Publishers.

Here’s the cutline: “If the U.S. were for sale, would you buy it?” Pretty provocative, right? I highly recommend it.

Through the years, many people have asked me what it’s like to be a writer. For me, it’s been a great job and career. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Unfortunately, I also tell them what they don’t want to hear. It’s hard work, and unless you have luck and perseverance, it’s difficult to make a living at it.

Talent? Yes, that helps, but good writing can be learned if you’re willing to make the effort, have a thick skin about criticism and take it seriously as your life’s work.

If you just want to write as a hobby or for fun, that’s cool, too, but too many folks tell me how frustrating it is for them, how they’d rather do anything else than write and I always respond: “Maybe you got something there.”





2 thoughts on “Larry Kahaner

  1. Larry, you have very interesting biography!

  2. Hi Larry! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m enjoying your articles–kudos!

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