Larry Kahaner

USA, Inc. – A Mike Wardman Novel (Bay City Publishers, 2016)

If the U.S. were for sale, would you buy it?

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Relegated to the low end of the law enforcement food chain after his fall from grace at the FBI, ‘fish cop’ Mike Wardman vows to find the people responsible for the murder of his ex-fiancée and uncovers a plot to topple the government of the United States.

The action spreads from Chesapeake Bay to the Caribbean island of Nevis as Mike uncovers a maniacal billionaire’s plot to use a Constitutional loophole to run states like corporations – that only he controls.

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“This complex and fast-moving thriller about greed andpower contains multiple subplots that will keep readers scratching their heads even as they try to catch their breath…Heavy on dialogue, this story movesquickly, with plenty of action in nearly every chapter…” – BookLife Prize

Kahaner has uncovered one of the hidden corners of law enforcement — fish cops — and turned out a surprising, fast-moving thriller that never stumbles as it navigates through the world of commercial fishing to tell a story of government corruption and preemption at the highest levels. Enjoyable and chilling at the same time, with surprising relevance to the current political climate.” – ‘PoeLover’

“A RARE GEM OF AGENRE FICTION FIND FOR ME… A FIVE-STAR STORY THAT IS FRESH, FAST, TOPICAL,AND, YES, QUITE THRILLING TO READ.’ – Kurt Brindley”I liked that the book was well edited. It had shortchapters which kept the things going at a rapid fire pace. You could tell thetechnical aspects of the book were well researched by the author. The dialoguewas very good. There were anecdotal stories that really helped bring thecharacters to life. The author added nice touches to scenes that made it seemlike you were watching them take place.” – Mark Johnson,

What you didn’t knowabout NOAA! “This is a fast read – interesting exploration of Dept. ofCommerce security activity in NOAA (the largest of the DOC components).Unexpected and complex relationships among characters.  The premise of the novel is remarkably timelygiven the recent 2016 elections. Kind of an Ayn Rand flavor to the themes.Entertaining read.” – Vint Cerf

Read it on my iPhone. Perfect story to read that way as the action makes you want to “turn the pages.” Solid plot; great awareness of the geography that brings it to life. Something set in the DC area that gets my vote. – Gary Tobin

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