Larry Kahaner

Competitive Intelligence (Simon & Schuster)

What is Competitive Intelligence? 

Competitive Intelligence is a systematic program for gathering and analyzing information about your competitors’ activities and general business trends to further your own company’s goals.

Competitive Intelligence by Larry Kahaner is the best-selling book of its kind and has been translated into six languages. It was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, a Business Week Best-Seller, and is used as a textbook in many business courses.

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“Kahaner offers a book that helps separate the useless from the useful… Competitive Intelligence is crammed with top companies’ entertaining intelligence-gathering and counterespionage tactics.” — USA Today

“This is book is both smart and fun.” — Fast Company

“Conversational, highly accessible style… The smart snooper’s bible.” — Publishers Weekly

“As the first and only guide to transforming crude business data into valuable information, Competitive Intelligence is poised to become the cutting edge tool of the nineties…” — Business Times

“…Recommended for upper-level business executives…” — Library Journal

“The author does a good job in describing the process of competitive intelligence and makes excellent use of case studies. He does a nice job of presenting the topic as a global issue, making sure he uses examples from all around the world so that the reader gets a feel for what goes on in the international world of economics… Filled with interesting and useful information for those in the business world. It may even open the eyes of some to a practice they didn’t know existed… It might be a good idea to use this book in business schools across the United States.” — United Press International



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